My passion for woodworking started at a young age in my father's basement workshop.  Although at the time it was nothing more than driving nails into a piece of wood and later progressed to driving a chisel so deep into a piece to the point that it was unretrievable, at least for a small boy.  But unlike many other passions of a small boy, this one only grew.  It grew to the wood shop at high school, where i could be found before classes, after classes and even during many lunch hours. Then a co-op program through the school at a wood shop.  Many ask me why i never pursued it as a career, and i don't really have an answer to that. But the workshop always felt like home.  Then the workshop did become home.  First to a small corner in the basement of my first house, and now, a detached two car garage.  Home at last. 


My first real project began in my first home shop.  The T.V. unit.  Started just before the birth of my first child.  And finished shortly after the birth of my second.  Three years later.


It is now years later, it's time to get serious about woodworking again.  And so begins the next chapter.